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The Gravity battle team was, without a doubt, not a top-notch team. This victory did not stir up too much uproar, and Luo Fei’s condition proved to be fatal. Regardless, the Dynasty battle team also advanced to the quarter-finals. As far as Elite Academy X was concerned, Lear had fully completed his task. Since Imperial Glory and Asura had been eliminated, all the previous defeats were set aside instantly.


First, he would wear Wang Zheng out. Even if Wang Zheng escaped, he could test his drive. But this guy seemed even more moronic than he had imagined.


The Sacred Religion is holding a grand ceremony for the appearance of the Oracle. The process is very interesting. But as you know, to experience this process, you need to have enough power, or rather, to survive till the very end, said the Second Elder.


Kashawen already suspected that Aina had remembered something. That was not important. This was basically a multiple choice question. If Aina said nothing, then everything would proceed as normal. It would be normal for Wang Zheng to not stand out either. She had no ability to deal with a kid. If Aina remembered, and Wang Zheng was tactful, then she would not care. People were not cold-blooded. The third choice, which was the worst option. Aina said it, and Wang Zheng did it. She would not be merciful in that case.


“Prime Minister Kashawen, I admire the Princess. I wish to know if the royal family would mind that I am not an Aslan person, not a noble, and just a commoner. I think this is something that everyone wishes to know!”


The match also used holographic images. For Ares College, this day was really important. Two people in the Saruman Snake team were from Ares College, even though they are representing Elite Academy X this time. It was enough as long as Ares Colleges name was mentioned when they were introduced.

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On island A, the transport carriers had already been dispatched. A few needed emergency treatment, and Wang Zheng had already been bandaged up by Zhang Zhun. Basic treatment, and the bleeding had stopped. Zhang Zhun was clearly someone who had picked it up with experience.


Suddenly, he understood. He had worked so hard, from when he first had his dream, till now – all of it was to become the man who could deserve Aina’s love.


A raging cry and the Frenzy Sword was in control. The entire mech was covered in flames. Accelerate, accelerate, accelerate!


What a pity. The overall strength of Saruman Snake has dragged Wang Zheng down after all. Honestly, if a group was selected from the traditional powerful nations and they were paired up with Wang Zheng, he would be invincible.


“Jasper, Gabre, how do you see this?” Mu Lei asked. He knew that this Jasper was the one dating Laurel. His background was passable, and his character was a decent fit.


Luo Er shook her head. “The royal family of Atlantis is similar to the Mayans, and are equivalent to the powerful and most talented. In their own words, this is like a gift from God.”


With a roar, Zhang Shan flew down from the air. The magnetic source was leading, and he gave one fatal strike. It was either you are dead or I die. Fight!



Just as she finished, Xiao Fei stopped momentarily and launched the app. With a soft slamming sound, a white electric light suddenly appeared around the Skylink. An image similar to the image that appeared when a subspace was broken was vaguely visible through the white light. As time passed, a wormhole that could hold a mouse appeared in front of the conference table



Once bidding started, the Titan Chamber of Commerce, with no shipping experience, would not even be qualified to intervene. The support of the Tita people was useless. Once in the Milky Way Alliance, Tita Star also had to abide by the basic rules, and Mu Sen could not act with impunity. Once you broke the rules, how could you expect others to abide by them?


Although they had been strengthened, but they were not abyss Zergs. If they were not set to A-grade, then they did not pose much of a danger to these experts. Of course, everyone present knew that the Zergs were not the real opponents.


Shu Yi, who was on the verge of a breakdown, suddenly jumped up and looked at Meng Tian. Was there really a special mechanism inside the cell?

  • In the next instant, the Sun God Battle Crystal walked out from the energy wall that was on the opposite side.
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