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After Huiyin and the rest left, Wang Zheng breathed a deep sigh of relief. His biggest worry had been that his clash with Kashawen would be a blow to the new KO Group. KO Group represented the life and dreams of Yan Xiaosu and Ye Zisu. It had to become strong. Someday, Wang Zheng was sure that he would face off with Kashawen openly, and he had to become strong for that day.


For the top 32 fights, their first opponent was very strong. It was the second team from Manalasuo, the Mala Storm battle team. Jondi Lilick was in the Empire’s college team, whereas this Storm battle team was assembled from elites from various major colleges, which had gone through a qualifier. Their ability was fairly amazing as well.


One hundred and twenty-eight degrees Heavenly King Arts. According to Black Charcoal, this practice was second only to the Primordial Regression Technique. If the Primordial Regression Technique was the best, then the Heavenly King Arts was definitely the second. And the Doyle familys Heavenly King Arts was passed down in completeness. As the people from the Moon had genes that had early genetic modifications, it could ensure the passing of the Doyle familys legacy. This was what the people of the Moon valued the most. Furthermore, Achilles had started practicing the Heavenly King Arts ever since he came of age, which was far longer than Wang Zheng. He had also built a very firm foundation.


Meng Tian and the rest advanced cautiously. Including Xie Yuxin, there were eight people in total. At this time, everyone maintained their cool, and only by doing so could they avoid attacks by the Thorn Forest. It was a form of practice for spiritual control.


With two mecha, the battle to decide the Dynasty battle team’s fate began. Either they would go home or they would continue on.


After another round of interview, Si Jiali gained another Wang Zheng supporter. Wang Zheng had indeed performed extremely well. However, because of his team, just before being annihilated in the glories of Aslan, Arbiter, and Atlantis, the attitudes of the participants once again brought attention back to him.

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But Wang Zheng had done it. When that finger had touched Qiqin Nacchai, he had seen it with his own eyes. He was a distance away from the battlefield, but he could feel the despair from Qiqin Nacchai, an Earth-rank warrior. He had “feigned weakness” to set up a killing window, and delivered the fatal move. Wang Zheng’s battle psychology was completely developed, and his attack power was something that Satie still did not understand. What power was that?


Luo Fei had made the first move. Mars’ Conqueror slanted his body to make way for the blade instantly, using the smallest movement to avoid the attack to prepare for the counterattack. It was not that Mars was a coward, but his ferocious attacks relied on valiant steps as the foundation. As such, by allowing his opponent to attack, he could attain an unbreakable effect easily at the same time.


Wang Zhengs opponent is the captain of Aslans Sword Shield Rose battle team, Lin Feng! commented Si Jiali. Even she felt the lack of imposing manner. If she had advocated some past titles, it would appear very flat. In comparison to Wang Zhengs ferocious battle record, the results that Lin Feng had achieved internally at Aslan seemed commonplace.


Wang Zheng smiled slightly. Truly a professional soldier. This reaction was really astonishing. His trajectory curved, then teleportation, followed by a sudden lunging stab, were still not quick enough, otherwise the Ghost Warrior would not have gotten out.


Although it was very different from a direct hit, the powerful force of the frost was enough to delay the reaction of the opponent.


He was finally out from the recuperation can. He was talking non-stop like a flood gate that had been opened, teasing the nurses non-stop, making all of them delighted. Obviously, they had been harassed by someone for the past few days.


Both of their titanium blades staggered apart almost instantaneously. To the naked eye, it seemed that time had been slowed down. The distance had been opened up. Yet in the next second, they struck each other like lightning.



In the far away Oracle Star, Meng Tian and the rest had finally found some hope. The Holy City, a place where many people came and went. The streets were paved with stone, with stone houses lined on both sides of the streets. It was like a tourist attraction of an ancient civilisation. It was almost similar to the Saint World. As such, Meng Tian had thought these were all illusions. She even thought that she was being controlled by someone.



Ai Zhengyang was still feeling rather regretful for not advancing to the semi-finals. He stood a good chance. But in the end, he fell short due to a lack of a final effort. He was so distraught by the double consuming tactics of Lear and Luo Fei. However, at this moment, he suddenly felt freed. This was truly the level worthy of the semi-finals. Although Lear had reached the semi-finals, it might not be a lucky thing. Lin Feng was unlikely to cut him any slack battling at the home ground.


Suddenly, the Real Steel became a flame devil, bombarding her opponent. The longer the weapon, the stronger it was. The Lie family was the most proficient in fist fights, or you could say barehanded fights. There was no better weapon than both fists.


“Not dead yet, sorry!” Lie Xin said with a bite. Utterly beaten at fire, something that she was an expert at, was indeed infuriating for Lie Xin.

  • That was why teaming up was the only road to survival. Because till present, enough teams had been eliminated. As long as you survived, you could enter the main competition. And mecha fights were a completely different matter.
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